Agile Scrum

At SEA-Solutions, Scrum methodology is our first choice for software development. And it is also selected by most of our customers.

Scrum is iterative process with multiple iteration, with an aim to shorten development time, reduce overhead (therefore cost), increase quality by early feedback. Each iteration is a “sprint” and each sprint output is a bunch of software functionalities, those are coded and tested progressively.

What differentiates Scrum from other methodologies?
  • Scrum has three roles: Product owner, team members and scrum master
  • Projects are divided into sprints, which typically last one, two or three weeks
  • At the end of each sprint, all stakeholders meet to assess the progress and plan its next steps
  • The advantage of scrum is that a project’s direction to be adjusted based on completed work, not on speculation or predictions

SEA-Solutions’ Scrum process includes the following steps: