Testing services

Nowadays, quality becomes even more key for companies and their clients. Quality assurance and testing can add up to 50% of a software product’s lifecycle. At SEA-Solutions, with the understanding that, we deliver the full lifecycle for software development and beside that we also provide testing as an independent service. Our service help you improve the quality, reliability and performance of your IT systems, speed time to market for your applications and curtail your software testing cost.

Our testing service includes the following stages:
  • Test Plan, Test Suite and Test Cases
  • Test execution and Bug report
  • Bug verification

Our testing service includes the following types:

  • Function Test
  • UI/UX Test
  • Performance Test
  • Web Security Test

Our Process

We offer both manual and automated testing to verify software, identify bugs and perform regression test.

Manual test——
Our manual test process:

Automated test ——

Our automated test process:

SEA-Solutions testing services can help you:

  • Great Prices – Quick Results
  • Mitigate business risk
  • Adhere to Testing service process
  • Increase application availability and reliability and support more agile development approaches
  • Reduce the total cost of application maintenance and enhancement

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