Education system


This project comes from a European customer. It includes several sites: Key Capacity, Vip24 No, Competence No, Candidate APAC, Candidate EMEA Corporate APAC, and Corporate EMEA….

Key Capacity:

  • Social, Human, and Decision capital
  • Enables educators to train themselves to better incorporate new knowledge and new approaches into their teaching practice
  • Combines formal data with individual insights Includes easy-to-use modules: LearningMindset – Teach Like a Pro – Lead Like a Pro- Formal competence
  • Provides an environment for self-assessment, training, and deeper learning, helping educators to develop their ability to teach and learn


  • vip24 is a development tool for people working in organizations. It helps individuals assess their motivations, strengths, and learning preferences. They can then identify a personal development path that is relevant to their needs and abilities. vip24 also helps leaders, by giving them insights into their leadership style, strengths, and weaknesses. Leaders get a practical framework for improving their performance, recruiting more successfully and getting people working together to build more successful organizations
  • me/ for APAC/EMEA:
  • vip24 is a precise research-based profile and dialogue tool for career and employment counseling that reveals your values, interests, and personal preference

Engage & Companion

  • The main functions of these sites are managed, aggregation of the user’s survey results, and working assignment. It is used for many education, health, and construction organizations.
  • Tool used: Microsoft Test manager 2013.


  • NET
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Test Manager

CASE STUDIES PROJECT INFORMATION:  Provide a tracking report for each website every month Support to

CASE STUDIES PROJECT INFORMATION: Providing follow-up services on IT troubleshooting, maintenance, and hosting/subscription for the

CASE STUDIES PROJECT INFORMATION: SEA-Solutions, a Vietnam software outsourcing as a provider of cutting-edge software