Hybrid Flutter

Bring your app idea to more users from day one by building with Flutter on iOS and Android simultaneously, without sacrificing features, quality, or performance.
Flutter is the best platform to make hybrid apps

Lowers costs

We don't need codes for various platforms and just create one single codebase and it will work on Android and iOS platforms. That way, one of the major reasons for hybrid app development is to help us save time and reduced costs

Better user experience

Native application's better performance depend on server traffic, downtime, load time, etc... With Flutter, the performance will be much higher than any other type of application. Flutter ensures your app works smooth and better than others.

More integrations

Flutter can integrate several third-party applications without limitation

High security

The hybrid applications on Flutter will be highly secured with track & prioritize key security risks by identifying core assets, key threats, and vulnerabilities. And then detect and identify vulnerabilities using techniques and tools like vulnerability scanning, static application security testing, and fuzzing. Eliminate risks by mitigating known vulnerabilities and protecting critical assets against source threats. Build capabilities to contain and recover from an incident with minimal impact.

Why SEA-Solutions Flutter?

Rich experience through projects

With more than 15 years of experience in the software field, we are confident to bring our customers the best experience. We advise customers the best, most suitable and best cost

Orientation to help customers

What customers need and want to do, we will advise customers on the best way to do it and save the most time

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