Cloud Computing

These days, within the IT realm, the question of on-premises versus cloud environments often comes up. Which type of computing solution will work the best for different kinds of companies? Cloud adoption is ticking upward at an ever-increasing rate, and businesses are taking advantage of the benefits that storing data and applications in off-premises environments can provide.

Cloud Computing is the new and encouraged trend for IT System deployment. Its top benefits are scalability, responsiveness and cost efficiency. Transforming your On-Premise platform into the cloud will help you to easily and quickly scale up, scale down your system, ensure 99.9% uptime, reduce maintenance effort and therefore better control your cost.

So what is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and more—over the Internet (“the cloud”).

Cloud computing is a type of computing that mainly depends on resource sharing instead of handling applications by local servers or individual devices. Using the internet enabled devices, cloud computing permit the function of application software. Cloud computing, also known as the cloud, can be used as a synonym for the Internet. Cloud computing can serve a diverse range of functions over the Internet like storage and virtual servers; applications and authorization for desktop applications. By taking advantage of resource sharing, cloud computing is able to achieve consistency and economies of scale. The types of cloud computing are classified based on two models. Cloud computing service models and cloud computing deployment models.

Why should you move to Cloud?

When moving to Cloud, you get some points following below:

  • Cost: Cloud computing eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware and software and setting up and running on-site datacenters—the racks of servers, the round-the-clock electricity for power and cooling, the IT experts for managing the infrastructure. It adds up fast
  • Speed: Most cloud computing services are provided self service and on demand, so even vast amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes, typically with just a few mouse clicks, giving businesses a lot of flexibility and taking the pressure off capacity planning
  • Global scale: The benefits of cloud computing services include the ability to scale elastically. In cloud speak, that means delivering the right amount of IT resources—for example, more or less computing power, storage, bandwidth—right when its needed, and from the right geographic location
  • Productivity: On-site datacenters typically require a lot of “racking and stacking”—hardware set up, software patching, and other time-consuming IT management chores. Cloud computing removes the need for many of these tasks, so IT teams can spend time on achieving more important business goals
  • Performance: The biggest cloud computing services run on a worldwide network of secure datacenters, which are regularly upgraded to the latest generation of fast and efficient computing hardware. This offers several benefits over a single corporate datacenter, including reduced network latency for applications and greater economies of scale
  • Reliability: Cloud computing makes data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity easier and less expensive, because data can be mirrored at multiple redundant sites on the cloud provider’s network
Why SEA-Solutions?

SEA-Solutions focuses on Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Our team is Azure-certified.

  • Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s application platform for the public cloud: a growing collection of integrated services-compute, storage, data, networking, and app-that help you move faster, do more, and save money.
  • Microsoft Azure provides a full range of Clouding services: IaaS, PasS and SaaS.

Next to Azure, we also provide services for Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud platform from Amazon. This includes developing AWS-compatible applications as well as deploying and maintaining your system at the AWS.

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