Asahi Denso – Purchase Portal


SEA-Solutions is a Vietnam software outsourcing company for developing  software outsourcing tailored to meet our client’s specific needs. Our expertise lies in harnessing cutting-edge technologies such as Fluter, Angular, ASP.NET, Java, … ensuring the delivery of top-notch services.

One of our recent projects showcases our proficiency in crafting custom software solutions for a factory specializing in motorcycle parts. The primary objective of this project was to create a comprehensive Portal that efficiently manages the customer’s suppliers, comprising five distinct modules:

  • Order and Delivery: Streamlining the process of placing orders and tracking deliveries to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Search and Reference: Facilitating easy access to essential information and references to optimize decision-making.
  • Receipt: Efficiently managing the receipt and verification of materials from suppliers to maintain a smooth workflow.
  • Reporting: Providing insightful reports and analytics to aid in informed business decisions and performance evaluation.
  • System Setting: Offering a flexible and user-friendly system configuration for seamless customization and adaptability.

Developed and deployed specifically for our esteemed customers in Vietnam, this project showcases our commitment to understanding and addressing the unique requirements of our clients. SEA-Solutions takes immense pride in delivering top-tier software solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the dynamic digital landscape.

As a trusted partner for Vietnam software outsourcing, we prioritize client satisfaction and maintain a relentless focus on quality, security, and innovation. With our dedicated team of skilled professionals, state-of-the-art technologies, and proven methodologies, we ensure that every project is executed with precision and proficiency.

Join hands with SEA-Solutions for your software development needs and witness how we transform your vision into reality. Embrace the power of cutting-edge technology, unrivaled expertise, and a customer-centric approach as we propel your business to new heights of success.
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  • This project is developed and deployed for a customer in Vietnam.



    • Angular 5
    • ASP.NET
    • OData
    • JWT

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