Woman To Woman


This web portal aims to create a community of women for women, in which the common denominator is collaboration and exchange of ideas and knowledge so that each woman can reach her full potential: the worker, the mother, the leader who wants to be in the place where she decides to exercise her role: at home, in business or society in general.

Goal of the project:

Its main modules are:

  • To register as a member and to connect to other members
  • To register new projects and ask other woman to take part in
  • To join and contribute to a project by time, or by money
  • To register available time, so that other can request for help
  • To share materials, events to other members
  • To join discussion board for knowledge exchange


  • HTML5 and CSS3 with Web Responsive Design
  • PHP with Framework WordPress
  • Deployment: on Cloud with AWS

CASE STUDIES PROJECT INFORMATION: Developing the Online Consumer Portal and its related informational pages, as

CASE STUDIES PROJECT INFORMATION: Develop, design and set up the website of TVET Vietnam, which

CASE STUDIES PROJECT INFORMATION: Develop an official website page for VEIS which could provide a